Powerful, flexible, simple & free

Transform school culture & close the achievement gap

StudentPositive makes positive behavior reinforcement simple, transparent and inclusive. We empower educators, students and parents to create a culture of accountability and excellence.

  • Record, analyze and reward student behavior using any positive reinforcement system, including PBIS
  • Student & parent accounts provide instant feedback
  • 100% free

Data-Driven, Accessible Everywhere

StudentPositive is a cloud-based system for positive behavior support. It works on any device -- from your smart phone to your iPad to your computer -- can be used both for classroom management and individual behavior plans, and makes reporting easy, so you can spend less time on paperwork, and more time teaching.

Evaluate performance by grade and classroom, or drill down to see detailed information about student behavior and performance over time. As you use StudentPositive to assess, evaluate and encourage student behavior, you’ll develop incredibly rich, detailed data to help you objectively and thoroughly assess ongoing student behavior and performance.

Get started today, and embrace the power of a data-driven classroom.

Learn How it Works

1 Record your students' behavior

Using your tablet, smart phone or computer, simply note student behavior throughout the day as you would normally. You can assign points, add comments, check boxes -- whatever your system requires. This information will be instantly available to teachers and administrators in your school, so you can spot behavior trends in real time.

2 Analyze Behavior Data

StudentPositive breaks down behavior data by student, classroom and school, so you can easily evaluate student progress and recognize intervention opportunities. The application is also capable of predictive analysis, which enables you to identify potential behavior issues before they occur.

3 Provide automated, real-time feedback to parents, students and staff

Both students and their parents can optionally login to StudentPositive in addition to teachers and school administrators. All users can receive personalized daily progress updates via email and/or text message.